Sph Traders is best solar company in lucknow Majority of the energy we use while performing daily work, social and home chores come from sources that cause pollution. The introduction of solar energy can help reduce pollution and attain a sustainable lifestyle.

From our processes and the standard of our services, we look forward to creating clean communities across the nation. Our innovative technologies are paving the way for the next frontier in clean energy. We value natural resources not as an end but for using it to create differences and create a better life. Solar power conservation is the future of energy consumption.
So, we can come together to bring a renewable future for our planet. With the use of diverse resources and advanced technologies and management tools, we are evolving the power market to become smarter, more sustainable, and more reliable for businesses and residents across the lucknow.

We are one of the oldest and the fastest growing companies Sph Traders in the field of Solar Energy in Lucknow. We design, build and commission off-grid Solar Power Plant and On-Grid solar power plant and Hybrid Solar Power Plant suitable for a diverse profile of customers catering from residential, commercial, institutional and industrial rooftop. our understanding power better than anyone else in the solar industry. Consumer has trusted us for more than 3 decades now. Indian grid conditions are unique and our products have withstood the extremities. We have a very successful product history and a strong network. Through our solar initiative we are trying to help our consumers make the best use of solar power and save lots of money. We deploy smart engineering to create high performance solar power generation systems for homes as well as commercial consumers. From the point where you are evaluating solar as a power source or as an investment option to the last mile installation of the roof top solar solution, we not only guide you but make sure your solar journey is hassle free.